The EM Bag

Pre-Order The Em Bag
Pre-Order The Em Bag

Last minute flight, photoshoot or unexpected slumber party? The Embag has you covered!


The Em Bag is the quintessential beauty bag for every woman: it is an innovative bag with the basic essentials for life’s little emergencies. This trendy new it-bag is sweeping the Atlanta fashion scene and has been dubbed a must-have by some of the city’s top models, designers, and fashion moguls. Life is full of faux-pas, but with your Em Bag, you will be better prepared to take them on. so why not be ready. It is handy, convenient and TSA friendly.


Each bag contains: lotion, lip balm, mints, bobby pins, safety pins, compact mirror, liner, feminine wipe, facial towelette, and your own personal first aid kit. First aid kit contains: aspirin, band aids, gauze, antiseptic and moist towelettes.


mts-logo-guidestarA percent of all sales will benefit MTS Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to helping sickle cell patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of life with sickle cell disease.

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